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Sr. UI Software Engineer

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Remote CAD 110000-140000 yr

As a Sr. UI Software Engineer you build beautiful end-to-end experiences.
- 100% Remote
- Strong english language reading and writing skills. Please be a fluent-english speaker and writer.
- Must have a computer science degree with knoweldge of design patterns.
- Must have a minimum of 5 years of development experience.

UI Fullstack Skills
Build exceptional front-end applications with Typescript, Svelte, SvelteKit

Build reusable product UI Components

Integrate with Intent-based web-based APIs and Socket APIs, including event-stream APIs

Manage configuration data in PostgreSQL compliant databases, No-SQL document stores and KV stores, and memory-mapped columar data structures in Apache Parquet and Apache Arrow format.

Setup, configure, and build Authorization and Authentication into web applications using role/attribute-based-access-control (RBAC and ABAC)

Unit test, test automation, and scalability testing of the front-end application

Build apps where performance is the number one user requirement

Exceptional strong developer discipline
- Gitlab Flow
- Gitlab CI (Continous Integration)
- Commit Process
- Integration to Visual Studio Code
- ability to create detailed techincal documentation in markdown and mermaid

Polyglot Developer
Must have knowledge in three programming languages. If you know three you can learn a fourth.
- understanding of threading models and async
- understanding of memory management and safety

Some of the tests we may cover:

Can you build this in a week or less?
A web-socket based subscription and notifications system that allows users in view in real-time changes to their data table and chart views while other users adding rows, deleting rows, and updating cells in their respective view of a filtered data table. In additional, streaming data updates data tables.

Can you learn and be productive in Rust langauge in 2 months?

Can you setup a PostgresSQL SQL database including optimization for big data?
- For example 1 Billion transactions
- Can you paritition PostgreSQL tables for performance
- Can you analyze PostgreSQL queries for performance bottlenecks

Can you use a streaming service like RabbitMQ or AWS SQS or Kafka or equivalent?
- required for long running async processes
- required for streaming data

Do you know how to setup tracing to track and fix bottlenecks in your code?
- we use open-telemetry with Jaeger and AWS Cloud Watch

Can you setup infrastructure in AWS Cloud using CDK with Typescript after one-week of research and experimentation?

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