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SvelteKit Typescript Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a typescript full-stack developer. Your workload will be mainly:

  • 50% Frontend application development in SvelteKit

  • 20% Typescript library development

  • 10% Helping with architecture including deployment

  • 10% Website layout/css tuning

  • 10% Any other tasks we might need

As company we have two tracks of projects:

  • Customer implementation and transformation projects

  • Product development - this is where we open the position

For our new product, 6pack, you will be progressively responsible for developing and maintaining:

  • The frontend app

  • A typescript SDK based on features we have in the Java SDK

  • The website (only layout, content is provided by marketing)

About 6pack (product, you'll be working on):

6pack is about easing management of test data on test environments. It’s a SaaS application where testers and business users can order test data that are then delivered within milliseconds. Data are created by generators that use our SDK to communicate with the platform.

Since it is brand new, we will be using the latest tech stack for everything and learn it progressively. It’s an excellent opportunity for learn latest technology and see immediate impact of your work. This can become a startup with great value and for now we even have an option to get some equity easily for the most motivated ones. We are a small team so full stack is a must have but we always help each other regarding almost anything, even SvelteKit, we are learning it ourselves. :)

As of now we are very good in Java and overall DevOps related things and are planning SDKs in all major languages.

It’s a full-time position but we can accommodate part time as well. Full remote is possible and widely used. We will appreciate meeting in Prague once a week or once every second week in a co-working centre (yet in process of choosing the right one). Progressively we want to meet more and more for those that live nearby, but again, it’s flexible.

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity for you, drop us a message, we talk to all candidates.

Hybrid position
Flag of Czechia Prague, Czechia
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Date posted
over 1 year ago
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