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At Pentalog, excellence is what you'll do. We're guided by a mission to positively impact the software development world. 

Our client, a top research company and the only one managed primarily by researchers, is looking for a Front-End Developer. This world-renowned market and public opinion research leader operating in 90 countries, specializes in delivering information and analysis that makes it easier and faster to navigate, inspiring its customers to make smarter decisions.

In this role, you’ll join a distributed development team to build solutions for a modern, forward-thinking tech stack. You will work with Svelte and SvelteKit, so comparable experience with Reach/Vue/Angular and a desire to learn are welcome. 

The ideal candidate for this position should demonstrate proficiency in translating design into code, following requirements, recognizing subtle - but important - details and working carefully to sustain a clean design system across our products.

What we’ll take into consideration: 
•    your ability to build components with a holistic view of the application needs and product direction;
•    your capability of writing clean, solid code and welcome feedback from peers;
•    your stamina which allows you to function well in an environment where you’ll routinely encounter challenges you haven’t seen before.

Job requirements

  • Deep knowledge of front-end development best practices;

  • Top-notch JavaScript mastery;

  • Good knowledge of ES6+, TypeScript;

  • Experience with Svelte or React/Vue/Angular;

  • SCSS/CSS proficiency and a talent for clean implementation;

  • Confident knowledge of Git;

  • Curiosity and creative problem-solving translated into the willingness to experiment new things;

  • Innovation and initiative;

  • Strong prioritization skills and the ability to self-manage time;

  • The ability to work independently or collaboratively to find solutions, along with the experience to know when each is needed;

  • Passion for continued learning and the ability to adapt to new technologies and industry trends;

  • Very good English language skills (B2 level in written and verbal communication).

Extra skills

  • Experience implementing BEM for SCSS;

  • Knowledge about Carbon Design System (from IBM);

  • Experience with PNPM;

  • Experience on working with Monorepo projects;

  • Docker know-how.


  • Healthcare benefits (Private Medical Insurance, various extra medical advantages);

  • A more active lifestyle with the help of our PentaSport activities;

  • French, German and English courses;

  • Free pass to learning platforms;

  • Meal vouchers;

  • Mentorship programs;

  • Access to a technology roadmap;

  • Full support to upgrade yourself (conferences and certifications);

  • New-born maternity grant;

  • A front-row seat to PentaBARs – our after-work tech events with a twist.

About Pentalog

As a leading European Software Services company operating internationally in France, Romania, Germany, Poland, Moldova, UK, Vietnam, Mexico and USA, we employ over 1,600 engineers and IT experts who work in a very dynamic, multicultural working environment.

At Pentalog, your talents & ambitions are recognized and rewarded; we offer plenty of opportunities to develop, both individually, as well as a professional, and we reward our collaborators who understand the importance of self-improvement.

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