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About Us

At Kelp, we build the essential infrastructure for the emerging creator economy to work. We are a small and ambitious team working to empower content creators and transform the multimedia marketplace. Our current focus is on resolving numerous issues with content attribution and copyright protection.

The project is partly funded by the European Commission initiative and supported by the Web3 Foundation. We are open source.

About our team

We are a pragmatic bunch who are not afraid to break the norms to get the stuff done. All of us share the same idea — to shift the power from the centralized closed systems to individual creators. This is not an easy feat, it brings a lot of challenges technology-wise as well in education and public perception where creators, especially photographers, are undervalued and their work is often (miss)used.

About the project

Kelp.Digital empowers photographers & visual artists to store, claim, sell, and rent their work with the correct transfer of Rights and usage of Licenses.

Kelp is the first Dapp built on Anagolay.Network — a Substrate-based peer-2-peer protocol that stores records of Rights (Copyright, Licenses, and Ownership), Restrictions, and Proofs of any digital content. The app communicates with the GraphQL server through the Apollo GraphQL client, web-workers for blockchain communication and image processing.

The web application is built using the latest ReactJS and Grommet.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a cooperative and confident team member with a curious and inquisitive mind to help us build distributed app connecting to GraphQL and Blockchain endpoints.

What do we offer?

  • 100% remote work and flexible hours. Our only time requirement is that you are available every Monday from 3-5 pm UTC+1 for a weekly meeting

  • Challenges, and lots of them. We are building something new, something that nobody has ever done before.

  • Competitive Hourly rate, bi-weekly or monthly payouts

  • Work with a diverse team from around the globe

  • Work in a small and fast-paced team to build the microservices together with co-founders

  • Payments in fiat or USDT

  • Token bonus compensation package


As we know, not all responsibilities are required on a day-to-day basis. They are more a guideline to know what to expect to work on.

  • work in a small and fast-paced team to build the web and desktop app

  • writing the test suites and analyzing performance

  • actively seek ways to improve existing software processes and interactions

  • work with image processing and image metadata software

  • improve and optimize current React implementation

  • collaborate with the team to prioritize the tasks and together create milestones


Here is the list that we absolutely need to build micro-services.

  • Excellent Typescript knowledge

  • Excellent Svelte knowledge

  • Tailwind CSS knowledge

  • Understanding what is Photo Metadata, how it's used, and why it's important

  • Fluent English, written and spoken

  • Self-motiviting personality

  • Dislike to micro-management

Nice to have

This list outlines the optional knowledge that will be helpful to you on an almost day-to-day basis.

  • Write clear and concise code

  • Good knowledge of Canvas and Image processing in the browser

  • Good written and spoken communication in a multilingual team

  • Understand the microservice architecture

  • Write good tests

  • A logical, analytical, and creative approach to problem-solving

  • Open-source software background

  • Familiarity with Svelte

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