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We're looking for somebody to join our small development team who is excited by the ability to have autonomy and help make decisions about the direction of our software, technology, architecture, and entire company. We are as fully remote as you want, but we like to get together once a month to have a party and see each-other in the flesh! We have co-working spaces available, and there are always colleagues there if you want to get into an office. 

We value working together and collaboration, solving challenges together, exploring new technologies and ideas together, and producing not only the best software, but the best technological solutions possible, solving problems in elegant, efficient ways. We value smart decisions that result in lean solutions. 

You will be working across all of our broad spectrum of applications, from our RESTful APIs, our Microfrontends, our third-party integrations, our portals, site builders, marketplace apps, or helping out with Terraform scripts to build out our deployment environments, you name it.

The technology stack is NodeJS based, with Fastify and HapiJS on the backend, SvelteKit on the frontend, and MongoDB at the database layer. We use a number of serverless deployment environments, mostly Vercel and Google Cloud.

We have a huge emphasis on clean, well tested code - how you get there is up to you, whether it's TDD or something else, as long as we can continue to deliver quickly, with a great level of confidence, and never have to diagnose or debug issues in production!

We pride ourselves on having a developer experience as good as our customer experience, which means that onboarding is a quick process, everything runs locally, our local environment, qa environments, and production environments are all as identical as practically possible, and there is minimal setup.

Our process is flexible - we have an agile mentality, with a focus on stories and acceptance criteria, but the process is largely created and driven by the team, and open to change. Pair programming is optional, but encouraged as it is useful for learning and getting complex solutions delivered quickly. 

About you 

Ideally you'd be somebody who is passionate about clean code and knows how to write tests, is proficient in NodeJS as well as in any frontend stack you like - We use Svelte throughout, but experience isn't necessary, is it as close to vanilla javascript as you're likely to find, and you can learn it in days. The CTO is a Svelte core maintainer, so experience is on hand.

You'd want to listen to customers to help shape the features you build. You'd want to work with stakeholders, designers, and the rest of the tech team to build amazing things.

You have a passion for making things better, showing us better ways of working, improving our software, pleasing customers, and getting features out in the wild on a daily basis. We move fast, but with care. You like to follow the boyscout rule - leaving things in a better state than you found them.

You'd get excited by hype around things such as AI, but level headed, thinking of ways that we could get practical use out of exciting developments in the technology space.

About Beyonk

Beyonk is on a mission to make it easier to sell experiences online with our excellent booking systems, website builder and distribution through our partner network.

For tours, activities, attractions and events, we make it simple to operate and grow your business.

We have a great team, we're growing very fast, and welcoming thousands of customers a day to do great activities.

We're a small startup which has been running for about four years, and shows exponential growth year upon year.

Beyonk is an equal opportunity employer. You are welcome at Beyonk for who you are, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or where you want to go. Our platform is for everyone. The more voices we have represented and amplified in our business, the more we will all thrive, contribute, and be forward-thinking! So bring us your personal experience, your perspectives, and your background. It’s in our differences that we will build the most optimal product.

Skills we'd love you to have

There's always an opportunity to learn, but having a firm understanding, and production experience of these technologies is highly desired:

  • Javascript (frontend - any ui library or framework)

  • CSS (Grid, Flex)

  • NodeJS

  • NoSQL

You'll get far having experience of

  • Fastify / HapiJS

  • Svelte

  • MongoDB

  • AWS Lambda

  • Google Cloud

  • Tailwind

The interview process

We're interested to see who you are, how you work, and how you approach problems. We're not here to wear you out or ask trick questions. Therefore our interview process is three short stages on two three different days.

  • A chat about you and us

  • A pairing excercise to build something small together

  • A chat with the CEO

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